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[ Hong Kong Dine Out ] Madam Sixty Ate

.. 體評估下來看的話, 是個 hmmm...

beside the famous heritage building the Pawn in Wanchai.
Sunset over Admiralty on a Sunday afternoon.


The DingDing Tram was crammmmed with people. We were glad that we didn't need to be there for long. We headed towards the Pawn again and saw some couple taking prewedding photos.


餐廳就位於我們之前來 explore 的和昌大押旁邊新建 complex 裡,本來還以為裡面有得逛,結果沒有,所以我們本來訂 6:00 點的位置, 5:20 就入座了。餐廳的入口在大樓的一側電梯,入口旁邊是高級 service apartment- J Residences.
The restaurant is located in the new complex next door to the Pawn that we came to explore the other day. We thought there'd be a small mall for us to explore but apparently not. So instead of entering the restaurant at 6:00 (our reservation time), we were in there at 5:20pm.

IMG_9651 IMG_9649

We were seated at the bar before they finished the prep work at 6:00pm. This is the bar menu.


我點了個什麼 Hong Kong Tai Tai (香港太太??!!!) 主要是 ginger ale + lemon + 茶&葡萄. J 則點了 Pimms Cup...
老實說他們這邊的吧台的飲料 soso.
I ordered a mocktail - Hong Kong Tai Tai (Grapes, celyon tea, lemon & ginger ale) and monsieur ordered  a Pimms Cup! (Tanqueray, Pimms, cucumber, orange, apple & sprite).


因為我們是訂上次提到的 Restaurant Week 餐廳週 的Dinning Menu, 所以就是這個囉!這間在餐廳週的網站上還標榜是餐廳週所有餐廳中被選為最熱門的餐廳.
We booked this place during the restaurant week. Apparently it's voted "The Most Popular" among all the other restaurants participating in the Restaurant Week. This is the Restaurant Week menu.


不過如果要點 A la Carte 也是可以 (他們原本的菜單). 只是來嚐鮮,&他們平時的 menu 內容物也還滿貴的,所以就 nevermind.
If you don't want to order from the Restaurant Week menu, you could also order from the A la Carte. But since we were only here to get a light taste of it and the regular a la carte can be quite pricey so nah.


太陽西下, 用餐區可以看到很 Open 的 kitchen. 不過不知道為什麼這間星期天晚上居然沒坐滿 1/3. hmmm...
The sunset over the dining area of the restaurant and the super open kitchen. Not sure why it was quite quiet and not filled with people on a Sunday evening.


我坐靠窗,後面的陽台應該是late night drinks 的地方. 這次沒拍到從外面看這棟建築的照片,之前就是因為坐丁丁車經過這裏被這個建築&這間餐廳的 logo (像是一個黑色小 le creuset) 給騙來的. 哈.
We sat by the window. There's a balcony for drinks. Too bad I didn't take a photo of the building. The building and the restaurant's cute logo got me interested in the restaurant.

餐前的麵包 (不是任你吃), 但算好吃. 為鼓勵客人回鍋,每個座位都放了一張 20% off 的卡. 設計是還不錯,不過會不會再來就不確定.
The bread was warm and good (but not refillable). Interesting how they put this Thank you + discount card on every table.


Appetizers: Roast pork belly, nashi pear, mustard pickle and crackle (點這盤要另外加 30 HKD).  Celeriac and pear soup, lamb croquettes, salad pear, fennel & thyme. 第二盤這個是炸羊丸.

The main course:  Seared duck breast, smoked spinach macaroni, duck leg spring roll, lemon pate & crisp cheese.  鴨胸肉。 另外一盤: Grade 8 wagyu tri tip, heirloom carrot, roast eggplant, onion fritter, black garlic & red wine gel  (點 menu 上這盤牛肉要另外加  50 HKD).

我們是覺得餐是 ok only. 價格確實是些偏高,有點是想走高級但又有點不到位. 而且一個 Tasting menu 點這個點那個要加錢的其實這樣也許和 a la carte 的價格也許不會差太多了吧..
We thought the meal was just ok. The price was a bit high for its value. 

Dessert 來時天暗了. 右邊是 iced raspberry, chocolate cream, berry compote & sesame waffer (這個酸酸+濃巧克力的甜點還ok). 左邊是 Vanilla poached wax apples, sorbet, almonds & apple bubbles.  我覺得這個有點扯的是這明明不是蘋果, 明明就是蓮霧削成薄片... (What we got was actually not apples. it was bell fruit..)

總結.. 香港還有很多餐廳, 所以可以再去找看看, 網路上的評價也不見得準啊. 這間餐廳在 open rice 居然有 4-star 的 rating. 

Madam Sixty Ate: Madam Sixty Ate