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[ Hong Kong ] 灣仔星期六

這棟樓並不是我們想像的像個mall, 等一下再詳述.

building has some interesting story behind it as well.

IMG_9615 IMG_9617
辦完正事後到了附近的永華麵館,這間很典型的香港茶餐廳,小小髒髒亂亂的,但是食物還ok也有很多人光顧。這間可是打著傳統廣東竹昇打麵的招牌而且在 2009 年的米其林也是有推薦,這種師傅騎著長竹昇來壓打麵粉的脆&有嚼勁的麵粉已經算是快失傳了,因為手工的過程辛苦,現在大多改為機器製作了。
After we were done with our main biz, we stopped by a nearby popular noodle place. It's typical of Hong Kong traditional tea/restaurant, crowded, small and kinda messy. But the food was ok and it has lots of visitors. This one was featured in the 2009 michelin guide as well. The noodles at this restsaurant is said to be one of the last remaining hand-made with bamboo-stick-beating-it noodle. Because the process is too labor intensive, it's mostly replaced by machine now.
陳皮珍珠紅豆沙. 滿不錯.
The red bean soup with pearls.

我們點了鮮蝦餛飩麵&叉燒餛飩麵 +  陳皮珍珠紅豆沙,這樣total 下來要 112 HKD. 這邊的面的確不同,很爽口&脆,不過份量算有些小,如果想把它當正餐的話可能還需多點一些東西。
We ordered shrimp and pork wonton noodles and a red bean soup with pearls. Cost about 112 HKD.The noodles were good (kinda different texture; a bit crispy/chewy). But the portion was  a bit small.

不遠處隔一個 block 就是之前看到的和昌大押,這個建於 1888 年的大樓是香港最古老的當鋪。
Not to far away we could see the The Pawn building on the other end of the street. This building was completed in 1888 and was the biggest pawn in Hong Kong at the time.

2007 年政府和私人機構合作用了約 1,500萬港幣修復,把旁邊和這棟建築重新規劃成食尚的空間。 其中這三層是應是酒吧餐廳 The Pawn,改天來看看 !
The building was revived in 2007 and took quite a bit of $$ to do. The current building now houses a 3-story British pub/Restaurant - The Pawn. Gotta check it out another time!

IMG_9624 IMG_9623
樓下則是劉嘉玲新開的佳品店鄧鄧鄧鄧,旁邊的 Jsenses &這棟都屬於舊廈活化的計畫之一,這幾天就要去其中的一間餐廳用餐,期待!
The store on the ground floor and next door that's part of the Jsenses heritage building revival project. We'll be heading to a restaurant in there in a few days to check it out!

IMG_9630 IMG_9631
On our way to the Blue House, we passed by some interesting stores and buildings. The "heel" to the right is actually a bathtub!

走了一陣子才走到了藍屋有著有點複雜的歷史,原址在 1872的記載本來是間醫院,後來在1886 年成了供奉華陀神醫的廟,1920 拆掉重建成現在的 4 層樓,1950 樓下改成黃飛鴻徒弟林世榮姪兒林祖開設的武館,後來 1960年又改為他兒子開的醫館。二樓&三樓有曾經在不同時期是戰前唯一的英文學校、漁會辦公室、酒莊&雜貨店等。戰後才變成住宅。這個藍色是在 1990 年政府在上油漆時因為庫房只剩這個常用的藍色,所以整棟樓才漆成這個顏色,有點扯吧..
We walked for some distance before we reached the Blue House. The house was built on the site of a hospital that was turned into a temple worshipping Huatuo (a historical legendary figure in the history of Chinese medicine) in 1886. The current four-story building was built in 1920. Went through various periods and was used for multiple purposes (eg. English school, martiial arts school, Chinese liquer store, convenient store, fish trading association office, etc.) until the war. After the war ended, this became a residential building. The painting was only painted this blue in 1990 when the government was painting the place because they only had the blue colour that it often used for another purpose in stock.

這邊在經過古蹟活化的一些討論後成了現在這個面貌,以保留原本住戶 (所以上面還是住宅) & 不破壞的方式,藍屋樓下還有間香港故事館來敘述灣仔在地人的故事,不過這次我們就沒去啦.

The heritage building went through some heritage debate and was decided to be kept as it is now. Some of the original residents still reside here. and There's a storeyum on the ground floor that keeps records of the local's shared memories.