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[ Hong Kong Dine Out ] 餐廳週之 Frites Central

The entrance to the lobby of the building where the restaurant is located. The walls of the elevator is also pretty cool (kinda like the exterior of shipping container but has a more posh twist to it).



我們餐廳週的特別 menu, 三道菜 for 298 港幣 + 10% 的服務費. 他們這邊的一般主菜大部份也都已經 200 多港幣了。
Our Restaurant Week Menu - consists of 3 dishes at 298 HKD + 10% service charge. Most of their main dish are already around the range of 200 HKD so the Restaurant Week menu offers a good deal if you like what's on the menu and have never tried this place before.


餐廳的內部裝潢很有歐洲酒吧的 fu, 外面還有陽台可以坐在大酒桶旁喝啤酒看上環街景,&餐廳也有很多外國客人,感覺就很像回到了倫敦泰晤士河南岸的餐廳。
The interior of the restaurant makes you feel you're in a pub in Europe. They also have an outdoor balcony where you can sit around barrels and drink beer and see the view from there. Almost felt like we were in modern side of London again.


他們的洋蔥湯算是滿好喝的,裡面的那一大片是麵包上面還有些 cheese. 另一個則是我的main- Provencal mussels & fries. 我的主菜一開始吃還ok, 但有點越吃越鹹的感覺.
Their onion soup is pretty good. Then came my main - the mussels in Provencal style with fries. The sauce and the fries were a bit salty.


另外一盤主菜是據 G 先生說煮得恰恰好的牛排. 餐廳的吧檯也是很古典又很posh, 一邊還有間大包廂的空間 for 私人派對用 (但不是完全關起來的那種), 裡面的牆面就用彩色玻璃很有教堂的 fu. 因為有人在辦活動所以就沒拍啦.
The steak was apparently good. The other side of the restaurant is a big classic and posh bar. To the right side is a private function room with walls deocrated with fake stained glass windows. There was a private party going on at the time so we didn't take pictures.


我們最後一道比利時鬆餅,說實在有點失望,除了不是很比利時鬆餅,上面那球不是冰淇淋&巧克力醬有點太甜.. 總體來說對這間的評價應該是還好 only. 但是如果想吃比利時料理或感受一下歐洲都市下班喝酒的氣氛,這邊是還不錯。
The last dish - the Belgian waffle was a bit disappointing. Not too Belgian to start with. & The sauce was too sweet and that's actually not an ice-cream ball on there. 

Frites Central 
A: The Wellington, 1/F, 198 Wellington Street, HK (near MTR Sheung Wan上環)