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[ Hong Kong ] 在亞洲和南極企鵝最接近的地方


...collection of penguins - The King penguins, the gentoos and the Soutern Rock Hopper (kinda rare for ocean parks/aquariums). The Ocean Park also has a bunch of interesting things you could do here with the animals & can make you end up "sponsoring" quite a bit. But as long as you enjoy it, that's all that matters right?!


海洋世界的其他項目這邊不多說 (有些也很不錯),就光看我們衝著去的南極北極館。
The Ocean Park in Hong Kong has a few nice areas to have fun. But we're not going to talk abou that here (and actually we didn't have much time to explore the other places as well). So we came here mainly to see what we were here for!

Ocean Park 有幾間餐廳很有特色,不過若是在假日要去網站上預約位置還真的是要提早呀.. 我一個星期前訂居然都滿了,那時心中 OS shyt.. 我不要大老遠花大錢到這居然不能去那些特色餐廳,本來死心的到 cable car 旁邊的 buffet 餐廳等 11:00 開門,結果後來想想還是賭一把,衝到南極館的企鵝餐廳前搶在餐廳剛開時看是否有空位,結果還真的被我們等到了!這是南極館門外的企鵝們... 企鵝熱到發光啊!

There are a few interesting restaurants in the Ocean Park. But online reservation for weekend dining usually require a much earlier planning. When I tried to make a booking a week ahead, the restaurants I wanted to book all showed "full". We almost gave up and waited at an ordinary buffet place before it opens at 11:00am. But then we decided to rush to the Tuxedo Restaurant before it opens at 11:00am to see if we could grab some free seats before others come rushing in for lunch. So we got in! 

The Tuxedo Restaurant. 這間餐廳的賣點就是可以隔著一面玻璃與企鵝共餐,而且櫥窗前面不會擠滿人牆。
The coolest thing of this restaurant is that you get to "dine" with penguins! & Not a huge crowd in front of you blocking your view of the penguins.

IMG_8726 IMG_8728

極光飲料 &  企鵝探戈.. 一些名字很特別的非酒精特調+雪碧。
The non-alcholic fruity drinks (mainly sprite) here have some interesting names like the Arctic (?) Light 7 Penguin Tango.


其實這邊的食物是 soso only, 其實大部份的人也都是沒注意桌上的食物,眼睛都盯著櫥窗裡的企鵝看。
The food here is so-so only. Since most people here have their eyes glued to the penguin window, the food doesn't really matter anymore eh?!


這算這邊的招牌 海鮮 pizza 吧.. 看得出來他是什麼嗎? 其實它是企鵝! 哈哈. 
這個份量不大, 一個人也許就可當正餐吃完。
A signature seafood pizza here. Can you tell what it is? It's a penguin! The portion is quite small though. Probably can be finished by 1 person as a main course.


出來時外面排了一大堆人, 還好我們早早就進去了, 
After we were done around noon time, there was a long queue outside of the restaurant.

IMG_8765 IMG_8777

南極館一旁的北極館也是很有特色,而且裡面居然有北極海象 walrus! 真的還沒在其他海生館看過. 這個隨便亂拍的影片集錦尾端就是海象玩水的片段.
The Arctic space is a huge pool with all kinds of seals and arctic walrus! Haven't seen that anywhere else. The end of the following clip shows the walrus having fun in the pool.



The seals are so elegant and graceful in the water too. They look like torpedoes coming towards you but just when you think it might hit you (well there's the glass), it'll all the sudden make a sharp but graceful turn around and swim upwards.

Photo 28-06-2015 12 52 00

館內的 8度溫度還是對南極企鵝來說有點偏熱,所以地上都/一些人造雪/冰. 有些企鵝還會直接站在冷氣孔下.
The gentoo penguins. 8'C it's a bit hot for them still so there are the artificial ice here and there. & you could see some penguins standing in front of the air-con fan. 


Transparent glass floor - what you see is not a fish, but a penguin swimming!

IMG_8791 Photo 28-06-2015 14 20 32
企鵝館中,企鵝看人群,人群看企鵝。這邊大概有 60 隻企鵝...每隻手上都戴上一個有顏色的識別環。
The penguins hall. We were being watched by LOTS of people. There are about 60 penguins here. Everyone of them has a small "bracelet" on a flipper to identify them. 


超可愛.. 不過這些企鵝大多是其他美國日本水族館的企鵝下一代,所以其實他們應該比較算是寵物,不太有南極的求生能力吧,在這邊都是有人伺候,而且沒有天敵。
Cute penguins. Many of these are actually were born here or came from other aquariums in US, Japan or other places. So they are really more like pets and well taken care by the experts here. 


The souvenir shop of Ocean Park is not really a wow place. The things here are not really "interesting/unique" or "authentic" (eg. the penguins look nothing like the real penguins - the ones I got at other places look so much better). & Actually if you've been to one shop, consider you've visited them all (same stuff everywhere).


我們來這主要就是要來和企鵝約會,1:30pm 我們就準時報到去。參加這個計畫是需要另外付一筆不算低的費用(當資助這邊的 activities & conservation吧) & 需要提前幾天就在官網上預約。報到後我們就先到工作人員的辦公室上企鵝課程,簡單了解這邊有的企鵝&企鵝的一生,之後我們需換上防寒衣因為企鵝去的地方都會很冷啊.. 身上耳環戒指手錶頭上髮夾等通通不能帶 (怕不小心掉了企鵝吃下肚或踩到受傷之類的吧)。第一站先由企鵝照顧人員和我們講解他們平時如何 check 企鵝腳上疾病和量體重。一隻 gentoo 企鵝和我家之前的貓差不多重 (4~5公斤)。

Then it was time for our Penguin Encounter. This is a program that you need to book online days in advance. Basically you get a ocean park staff to brief you on the penguins here and the penguins life in general & some interesting facts for you to know more about penguins. Then you change into heavy duty outfit and rubber boots to go see how the penguin carers train and take care of the penguins in the back office. A gentoo penguin weights about 4-5 kg (just like my cat).


然後我們就去企鵝展示廳在所有參觀者面前餵企鵝(真是個好廣告方式),一種方式是手拿魚餵企鵝 (當然只有工作人員可以),另一整則是把魚放到像餵雞飼料的扁盆子讓企鵝自己吃 (天哪.. 他們果然是寵物鳥)。
Then you go out to the penguin pool to feed and touch the penguins in front of the whole aquarium crowd. There are a few ways to feed them - feed 1 fish at a time to a penguin (only the staff can do this) or put the fish on a tray for the penguins to get (just like feeding chickens eh...) or throw some fish into the pool to encourage the penguins to do some exercise.

Photo 28-06-2015 14 20 32

企鵝近距離接觸一天只有兩個梯次,而且都在下午,每次最多六人,除了這個以外也是有和其他動物近距離接觸的 program。
There are only 2 Penguin Encounter sessions (all in the afternoon) each day. & There's a limit of 6 people to each session. Of course there are a bunch of other interesting animal encounter experience you can explore.


這邊不是所有的企鵝都有名字,只有少數幾隻有,這隻讓我們摸&合照的可是一個好萊塢明星呢!據說他就是 Jim Carrey 那個企鵝電影中的 Captain! 企鵝摸起來有點像我們之前在南極遊輪上買的一隻帝王企鵝玩偶,看來我那隻做得還滿像的。
Not every penguin here has a name. This one that we took photo with and got to pat it is the "Captain" featured in the Jim Carrey's penguin film - "Mr. Popper's Penguins".


秘密手勢, 全部企鵝都去衝去跳水覓食去了~ (果然是被訓練過的寵物)


With a secret gesture, the penguins all jump into the water and feed in the water.
After that you return to the back office where you get a lesson on climate change and the impact on penguins. & You have to make a commitment on how you will help to cut down on your contribution to global warming.

You can't take photos or videos while you're on this program (unless someone helps you take a photo of you in the exhibit area with penguins from the crowd). You get a photo printed without charge at the exit of the Ocean Park. If you'd want more, you'd need to go with another package. It was definitely kinda difficult to choose! Love how the experience combines educational aspect with the fun part!