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[ Ipoh ] 食住 M Boutique

 的超時尚,很有像是在台灣的那種設計旅店的 FU.

boutique hotel. But to be honest it's more a design hotel than a boutique hotel because although the interior decor is outstanding, the service and amenities are simply not up to the boutique hotel level.

我們入住 M Boutique 怡保的本館,它的所在地其實有點在鎮的邊上,附近也比較像是小工廠的矮建築,但要用走的進城也不算很遠。
Staying at the M Boutique Hotel in Ipoh for the night. Its location is more like on the edge of the town.But supposedly not too far from the town centre if you walk there.

這間於 2013 年 10月開業的精品酒店是以美式復古風為主。到處都是看起來超復古的擺飾,這邊是電梯口。
This hotel was opened in October 2013 and the theme is American vintage/retro. So you see lots of vintage items around. This is where you wait for the lift (elevator).

從停車場進 hotel 可走後門進就會經過這邊,右轉就是 check-in 櫃檯。
We entered from the backdoor where we parked our car. This is what you'll see. Turn left at the end & you'll see the check-in counter.

飯店總共四層樓,2-4樓 (這邊叫1-3樓) 的每一層的主題都不同,我們住的 2樓 Majestic Floor 是以數字&粗獷工業味為設計style.  但基本上每一層的設計主題都還是會有些互相串連。
There are 4 floors in total. The rooms are on the second to fourth floor (or 1st - 3rd floor as known here). There's a different theme to each floor. Our room was on the second floor and the theme was numbers and industrial rustiness.

我們實在是太晚訂房了,基本上是撿最後一間,房間有些小,因為一回來實在是被戶外的豔陽曬乾 + 累癱了, 所以就沒拍照。裡面其實可用的空間不多,除了雙人床外,只有一張小書桌和一把寬座椅。冰箱就像個小飯店保險箱的尺寸,櫥櫃也就是一個門的尺寸的那種,廁所的空間&給房客的物品更是省,基本上應該算是三星的等級吧。
Our room was kinda small (but at least has a window.. some rooms don't even have a window because they're at the centre of the building block). We were too dead tired and fried when we got there so didn't take some proper photos. Other than the bed, you get a small desk and a large single-person couch and a closet with a door. That's pretty much it. The washroom is tiny too and doesn't have a bathtub. It's pretty much a 3-star.

傍晚出去在 mall 找不到看起來ok的餐廳,後來又回到飯店吃,之前這邊的朋友說 hotel 的這間 Myth Eatery & bar 的環境&氣氛是不錯,但東西不怎麼樣。但沒辦法啦,就來試試看吧。
We couldn't find a decent restaurant on our way back so we ended back coming to the restaurant in the hotel - Myth Eatery & Bar. Friends from here said the ambience is nice but the food/drinks soso only. But in the end we still gave it a try.

點了兩個主菜,一海鮮一羊,海鮮炒飯算是他們的招牌菜之一吧,真的做的還不錯!不油膩&海鮮煮得剛剛好,好險有點這個!另外一個羊,JG 說還 ok,但香料可多些。
Ordered 2 mains - seafood fried rice and lamb. The seafood fried rice must be one of their signature dishes. It was actually nicely done. Not greasy & the seafood was cooked just right. The lamb was just okay.

Untitled Untitled
甜點櫃在我旁邊太誘惑了,最後還是點了這個剩下最後一片的 Oreo Cheesecake. . 真的還滿好吃的 & 不太甜! 酒點了 Margherita,這個算是很 standard 的調酒,不過這邊的 so-so only, 而且酒味超濃!
I was sitting beside the dessert shelf and couldn't resist ordering a dessert. So I chose the last slice of the Oreo Cheesecake & it turned out to be pretty yummy. Not too sweet.  The Margherita was not so good. The alcohol was a bit too overpowering.

所以食物是還ok, 調酒 soso, 環境不錯。
In conclusion, food was ok. cocktail not so good. ambience good.


酒店裡的一樓店面有賣一些飯店用品&hotel自己設計的物品. 不過裡面還賣手機盒上面印 Bvlgari & Tiffany & Co等的產品圖&logo 這個我覺得太扯了,看起來的 standard 就超像盜版的。
There's a shop on the ground floor of the hotel that sells some design items and things designed by the hotel. But I was surprised to find like Bvlgari & Tiffany & Co. cellphone cases here. I'm sure these brands don't produce those cheesy looking plastic cases with their logo and products printed on it.

Untitled Untitled

這是 hotel 的 lobby, 白日都是人,晚上終於淨空了。回到房間看到有多了兩瓶 hotel 免費送的水&兩包這個 Old Time Snacks (這邊的傳統餅乾吧).
The hotel lobby area. In daytime it's filled with people. When we got back to the room we found room service entered the room with 2 other bottles of fresh water + 2 packs of these "old time snacks" (must be some traditional snacks here I suppose).


我們的是有含 hotel 早餐,早餐可以選在 hotel 裡的 OLDTOWN Coffee 吃,或是在hotel 的西餐廳 Myth 吃. JG 就是不想吃 OLDTOWN 所以我們又來 Myths 了.
Our room rate included breakfast at the hotel. We could choose to eat at one of the two dining places in the hotel - The Oldtown Coffee or Myth. JG didn't want Oldtown so we ended up in Myth again.

Untitled Untitled

但這邊的早餐只有這三個基本選擇,看起來都 soso only. 不過裝牛奶的瓶子還滿有意思。
Onlly can choose from 1 of the three sets from the breakfast menu. soso only. The milk bottle was pretty interesting.


但這邊的服務真是有夠差,進餐廳也一直沒有人來招呼給 menu, 點完之後也是等超久才拿到,而且還漏了我的。以精品旅館的餐廳來說,這樣的服務超不ok.
The food was just soso but the service was poor. When we got in the restaurant, we waited and asked and waited for like ages before we got our order. Then it took another ages to get our meal. Not to mention mine came after I asked serveral times and JG already finished his. & The waitress' response just irrirated me even more.


總體來說若只是要看設計,這間是還滿有意思的,但是要是期待好的 service 或是好 view, 就別想了。
So in sum, if you're here for the design, this is an interesting hotel to stay at. If you're looking for 4 star+ quality or good service or any good view from the hotel windows, I think you can consider elsewhere.

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