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[ Ipoh ] 讓人有點傻眼的小桂琳公園

... pages were pretty much all there was to it. 

Got off the car past noon time at the parking lot, it was boiling hot. I thought I was going to melt.

到這個公園主要就是要搭船,不好意思買票口不在這,在一個像是臨時搭起來像是賣紀念品的小桌子攤位。我們排了一陣子曝曬在超熱的太陽下 (不好意思沒有地方遮陽,不然你的位可能就沒了),快乾了。
Finally managed to get to the place to get on the boat. Remember to get your tickets from a booth (more like a temporary tent) that doesn't say it sells tickets (if it does it's probably witten in Malay only 'cause we completely missed it). Then we gotta queue here under the unforgiving sun for our turn to get on the boat.

原本想說怡保像是小桂琳,這個船搭上去也許像是之前去張家界的那種遊湖看岩石景觀那樣寫意,沒想到應該不到 10分鐘就結束了,因為這船基本上只是個把你從停車場載到對面的公園的交通工具。而且湖很小,所以唯一覺得欣慰的景致應該就是排隊時一旁的岩石。
I thought it was going to be a scenic and long boat ride like what we went on in China to see the lake and the rocky cliffs, etc. It was definitely nothing like it. The boat was just a means of transporting you from the parking lot to the park on the other side (which is like 5-10mins away). The only scenic thing to comfort us was the rocky cliff nearby.

一下子到了對岸我還真是傻眼,啥?? 結束了??? 那現在要幹嘛?
After we landed, we followed the crowd and the only path. So what's there to see? We saw some traditional houses and thought we could take a look inside, at least to seek some cooler place with some breeze away from the super sun.

那.... 那... 那.. 接下來要看什麼?   好吧喘口氣讓小小電風吹一吹了一下,我們繼續往前走。
We entered one of these houses. It was empty with a fan on the ceiling turned on. like... maybe you can at least make an effort to display something of the Malay culture or ways of living here???  or maybe have a cafe??? like what's all these empty houses doing here. So we were on our way again pretty soon.

走到康莊大道的尾端是座塔,可以爬上去遠眺,但基本上走到這邊在這樣的火爐裡我們的精力也都耗得差不多了,再爬上去可能就走不回去了。好吧,那就看看附近還有什麼可以讓眼睛 "撿" 一下的 (除了在樹下談情說愛的小馬來情侶們和跑來跑去的小孩們)。已經在崩潰的邊緣。
At the end of the main path was a tower. We didn't have energy to climb up the tower to have a view of the surrounding. We tried to look around and see what else to see other than young couples dating and flirting and kids screaming and running around. It was still super hot and we were on the edge of breakdown.

終於看到個好像有點像樣的,鹿 & 鴕鳥耶!
Finally saw something that was sort of interesting - deer and ostrich!

But it was too hot. They don't look like they'd like to move out of the shade.

鴕鳥們還真是可憐.. 屁股的毛都快沒了,而且還有部分流血.. 真是太可怕了。
The ostrich was even more pathetic. the feather on their butt was like almost gone! Some part was bleeding too. It was horrible.

When we walked back to the jetty I just wanted to jump on to the first boat back. This park was just too pathetic. I don't think people would enjoy this place if it's constantly under the melting sun and no one would come if it's like thunder raining either if it doesn't have much shade and doesn't have much to see. The animal welfare.. not even going to go there. Other than these empty houses and this pathetic little zoo, what else could've been done here?  There are lots of things you can do but I suppose the local authority just didn't want the trouble, or they're not that smart or simply don't need to money.

後來我連鯉魚路橋都不想待,直想直衝搭船回去,一個國家公園可以做得這麼失敗還真是太令人不可置信.. 難怪這邊的華人都說給馬來人管的就別期待什麼建設,動物園也別去,看到那些動物只會更傷心。這個公園除了搞這些空屋&可憐的動物小圈子,還可以怎麼做呢?其實還滿多的。但也許這邊的政府不夠聰明也不缺錢,也不想找事。

另外一個令我傻眼的是這個英國殖民時代留下來的怡保火車站,外觀看起來非常氣派&高雅吧!順便搭個五星酒店的茶室吧! 你走近一點去看,脫漆的脫漆,天花版有些還沒了是個大破洞。有些空間基本上也像廢墟般。一個這麼美的歷史建築怎麼就成了這副德性,真是夠可憐。
Back to the city, another shocking thing to see - the Ipoh train station from the British colonial era. Looks majestic and classy from faraway. You'd maybe even think there's a 5-star teahouse or coffeehouse in there. But when you get close to it, you'd be shocked by how poorly it was maintained (or not maintained maybe). Some parts just look like ruins too. It's really a pity such a beautiful building becomes something like this.

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