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[ Tokyo ] Rice Sommelier at Ginza

45 分鐘 (因為我們在排時前面已經排了一堆.. 店都還沒開耶...),J 還說這最好是好吃,因為他餓翻了 (我們早餐又沒吃)。
... small and popular among the locals. It's supposedly famous for its rice. You could purchase rice here as gift or for your own consumption from here. They have really nice and traditional packaging for the rice.

這間店比較有名的應該是他在京都的總店吧,網路爬文清一色都是京都店。這邊的米是嚴選的日本米,日本人都誇讚的好料!  標榜是五星級的米,要好好宣傳米的文化。
The restaurant's famous store is probably its original Kyoto branch. But this one in Ginza should be just as good. The rice here are chosen by their "rice sommelier" & the rice comes from all over Japan. This is what they called the 5-star rice.

來到這邊先在門口的等候紙上自己寫上自己的名字,也順便看一下 menu,因為快到你時服務生會叫你的名字先點餐。然後可能等個10 幾 or 20幾分鐘有位子後,你一進去就是吃啦!
What you do when you get here is to write your name on the waiting sheet & check out the menu.When it's almost your turn, the waitress will ask you what you'd like to order. Then after 10minutes or 20 minutes when there's seat available, you'd be able to go in and have your meal right away.

我點的是 tempura 的 set, 後面有三個小菜,一盒海苔,一碗 miso 湯,還有軟滑扎實的豆腐,每個都很下飯。而且這邊的米飯是不限供應!你要吃幾碗都可以! 也可以跟他們要鍋巴喔!
I ordered the tempura set, has 3 small dishes, 1 box of seaweed, a miso soup, a dish of smooth tofu and a plate of tempura to go with the dish. All these side dishes would make you want to have more rice. & Guess what? Rice is all you can eat here! You can have more rice without extra charge.

這邊的米都是用他們獨創的陶瓷竹鍋 (第一張照片) 煮得這樣透亮透亮,而且真的是好吃! 
The rice is cooked all "fluffy and white" in their original ceramic bamboo pots (shown in the first photo).

You can also order a set like this with 2 kinds of fish. For the rice you could also order an egg (a raw egg), mix it well and pour into the rice. It smells good and is delicious too.

這邊的 MISO 湯裡面還有彩色的球球!
The miso soup here also has some cute and colorful puff balls.

小菜三勺。&這就是店裡的空間,座位不算多,但是大部份的人大約1 個小時用餐差不多,餐都已經在外面等待時點好了,所以一進來就是吃而已。
The small dishes in the set. & The interior of the restaurant. As you can see, there's not that many seats. But people generally finish within an hour or so so the wait is not too bad.

我們是 11點開店前就去排隊,到了第二輪才輪到我們,吃完一出來看到更多人再等就整個開心. 哈哈.
We went to queue before 11:00am on a weekend. We only got seat like about 45 minutes after the restaurant opened at 11:00. After we got out we saw even more people waiting outside!

They're closed on some days so remember to check their website first before you plan your trip.

Hachidaimegihei 八代目儀兵衛  (銀座)