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[ Tokyo ] The Asakusa O-mikuji

我先生的那年。不過那時其實我本來是期待終於可以和之前到英國 Exchagne 認識的學長在同一個國家,也對我現在的先生是完全沒興趣,他也對我沒好感。不過各種因素下,後來我發現我們就像傲慢與偏見般的在 2012 年才開始走在一起。

.. I thought what I had then was going to go further. But didn't know there was something else awaiting. I met my husband in 2011 when I was doing my masters. Didn't think he was handsome or attractive at all and thought he was too loud & like a teacher's pet (every teahcer will remember his name kind of thing)! He didn't like me either. Thought I was too quiet & "refined". But somehow things started to change.

He liked to invite classmates and friends to his house and prepared meals for everyone. We shared common interest in classical, jazz music, travel & reading.  I was pretty crap at one of the subjects, he would tutor me patiently and teach in a very easy to understand way. He would notice the most detailed things and made me feel he really cared about everything about me, even until now. In a crowd, he would notice how I was doing while he was with others. He would give me surprise gifts handwrapped with hand-written messages. He would remember every monthliversary. He was also good with my family and friends. Although we've been doing long-distance for 4 years, he insisted on having a chat with me everyday and that we saw each other every 1 or 2 months. He felt like a shoulder that I could lean on. He was the rare treasure that came to me.

See the previous post abou the o-mikuji message I got that I wrote in 2011:  [Tokyo ] Count Down to 2011 Too bad the photo links are broken becasue for some time flickr was a mess and lost my photo links and I just couldn't be bothered to fix it. That was when I started switching my focus to doing photobooks instead of blogs.

When we exited the station, we saw a queue outside of this restaurant. Didn't have breakfast and it was close ot lunch time so we just decided to wait in line without really knowing what we were eating.

IMG_2330 IMG_1853
這間老店不只人多,而且還有滿長的一段歷史,最早在 1837年就已經創店了! 而且這邊有這  "一淺草二觀音三三定"一說。
It turned out not only to be a popular tempura restaurant, it was also one with some history. The original tempura-ya (tempura restaurant) was established in 1837.

因為是臨時決定去的,也沒做好 study,一開始給我們的menu也都是日文,雖然看得懂些,但還是有些沒把握,後來才聽到他們有英文&中文 menu,趕緊叫一份來.. (哈). 結果後來看他們網站,其實還滿完整的 (而且都有白亮亮的照片啊!!),可以先熟悉一下! 

We decided to go pretty last minute so didn't really know what we were suppose to order. The first menu we got was all Japanese. We could barely make out what the content were but not 100% sure. Then we overheard they have Enlgish and Chinese menu too so quickly got one to check. But if you go on their website ahead of time, ther'es actually quite a lot of info (& photo of the dishes) on there.

San Sada Tempura 三定天婦羅
W: http://tempura-sansada.co.jp

日本人一坐上位馬上點點點,蔡就上了,然後 20~30 分鐘後他們就吃完要準備走了.. 我們還在吃.. 好有壓力啊. 

When we were queuing for the restaurant, it wasn't actually opened yet. But when the crowd poured in, people still had to wait to get a seat. But in general the turn-table rate was pretty high. The dishes were delivered pretty quickly and people finished the dishes quickly.

The tempura here is different from other places because it's fried with seaseme oil and the one it was fried make the texture quite different. The special sauce they put on the tempura also doens't make the tempura soggy.

After we filled ourselves up, we headed to the Asakusa Temple.

The Asakusa Temple is a must-visit here. It was nearly destoryed during the second World War but the Guanyin statue in here was not damaged. It was regarded as a big miracle. 

上次我來這是 2011 年過年的時候,那時也是來這抽了簽。這次來這也是來抽籤!看之前的 Post:  The Last of 2010 at Asakusa.  & [Tokyo ] Count Down to 2011
The last time I was here was in 2011 for the new year. We headed to the temple on January 1st to get a fortune-telling slip (O-Mikuji -おみくじ) 

You'd see people wearing kimono on the street here. But most of them are tourists.

Lots of interesting shops around here.

Detour from the main street of the Asakusa Temple, we headed east towards the Koppashi Street. This street is where you'd find lots of cooking supplies, or all the things you need to start a restaurant or cafe. But the really popular place among toursits is the stores that sell the "fake food".

IMG_2390  IMG_2387
超多可以選帶回家!還有些是可用來當放手機的座。小型的款式也滿多,有鑰匙圈、磁鐵&耳機綁帶等。不過價格不便宜就是了. 大多是千元日幣起跳.
The fake food display gains popularity initially because it was a good way to attract customers to your restaurant. Then because the "food" look so real, people would like to do other things with it (like making it into a iphone stand, keychain, fridge magnet,etc.). But these "fake food" is not that cheap to get. They are after a form of art after all.

若是自己想要嘗試自己做一碗食物模型,這間知名的店也有這些一盒一盒的 DIY 組合包,讓你買回家自己做!不過做完了要做什麼擺哪裡就得先想一下啦,畢竟尺寸也不算小.  Tokyo Skytree Town 裡面也有這間店,所以如果只是要買材料包也可到那邊買.

Alternatively, you could try to make your own bowl of noodles or rice with the DIY kits.
Or watch some master have a fake-food making session (need to reserve ahead of time).

W: http://www.ganso-sample.com/shop/kappabashi/