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[ Tokyo ] Kyobashi & Tokyo Kitte

....本來想說我得自己來了,結果老公最後終於還是擠出了超不容易的時間,星期五傍晚工作活動結束後飛到東京來,超感動! (不過結果香港班機 delay 加上 hotel 資料之前沒更新到,他到半夜 3 點多才到我住的地方..) 所以我中午到了

...expecting much but was surprised by what I saw.

這次從松山飛剛好是坐 Hello Kitty 蘋果班機,第一次見識到 Hello Kitty 機是怎麼個回事!還滿有趣的 (雖然我不是Hello Kitty 的粉絲.. 呵)
Took the EVA flight from Taipei Songshan to Tokyo Haneda & So it happened that it was a Hello Kitty flight! The pillows, the boarding pass, the napkin, the utensils, the ice-cream, etc.etc... Would be something that would make Hello Kitty fans happy. Not so much of a Hello Kitty fan but finally got to see the "legendary" Hello Kitty plane.

這次住的 hotel 是在Kyobashi & Takaracho 地點中間的 APA Hotel Ginza Kyobashi 商務酒店。因為有點 last minute 訂&又要找個比較方便去主要宴會的地方,所以跳脫過去住新宿 or 其他出差去住的地點。
Booked the accommodation at APA Hotel Ginza Kyobashi. It's between the Kyobashi and Takaracho metro station. Pretty convenient location.

因為從羽田飛,所以就想找間離機場不算遠&方便到達的地方,從機場坐地鐵,只要認清地鐵有停淺草線上的站,基本上就可以直達 hotel 附近的地點站-寶町 (超快的車約 8 站就可到). 從地點站 3 號出口出來只要走個 3 分鐘就會到飯店. 很近. 
Because I flew in from Haneda, so I wanted to find a place that I can reach on a direct line from Haneda. From the metro/train station in the Haneda airport, I could take a train that connects and goes directly on the Asakusa line and stops along the Asakusa line. DIdn't have to change trains. & If I took the train with minimal stops, it's only about 8 stations away from the airport. Then from the Takaracho station exit 3, It's only like a block's walking distance. 

IMG_2283 IMG_2284
但因為是商務酒店,所以空間還真的是小啊...本來也就只有我一個人要去, 所以也就沒 book 大間一些的. 我的行李若是攤開就出不了門了.. 這和幾年前和 JL 到倫敦的一間hotel  的狀況差不多,一到房間傻眼,連攤開行李的空間都不夠,更別想說要擠在這個小房間 for 一個星期,隔天立馬換 hotel.
But becuase I just booked a tiny room (was going to go there alone initially.. so didn't think I needed to book a big room), the space was super tight!

從 hotel 的另一端出去就是京橋地點出口處,左轉直走就可到銀座的各大名牌街了. 前方的一棟充滿綠意的建築很吸引人,白天的時候這棟巨型建築 (這邊還真多這種巨型建築) 感覺像是城市中的森林,看起來就很清新。晚上時聖誕節燈飾的氣氛就讓人覺得很夢幻。路過的人無不停下來多看一眼一下。
Exiting from the hotel, if we turn left, we'd reach the big street where the Kyobashi metro station is. If you turn left on the street, you could also reach the famous sterets with the big brand names of Ginza in a few blocks. I was out to explore as soon as I left my luggage at the hotel ( arrived around noon; still had no room). The monumental building stood there on the street was like a modern city's "forest" - provides a breath of fresh air both visually and biologically I suppose.  The trees were decorated with xmas lights and looked amazing at night.

從 hotel 附近的地下商場串來串去,還真是讓人眼花撩亂,不知道到底要往哪邊走。不過最後還是找到了去 Kitte 的出口。沿著鐵路走到老東京車站。設計上看起來讓人有點想到之前在台南還是哪邊也看到類似這樣的設計建築.
The underground complex around the Tokyo station is like a mega maze for visitors.

東京舊車站旁就是 Kitte. Kitte 的前身是郵局,不過後來歷經改造後成為了充滿現代感的商場&藝文展示空間。
Across the street from the old Tokyo Train Station was the Kitte complex. The building of Kitte was once a postoffice. The new building incorporated parts of the original 1933 postoffice structure.

Kitte 的 6F 是個免費的市景觀景天空花園,在這邊可以好好感受一下城市中的天空步道氛圍。
There's a rooftop garden on the 6th floor of the Kitte building. Access is free of charge and you get to see the city from a differenet angle in a refreshing way.

新落成的建築除了商店和餐廳以外,還有個相當有特色及文化歷史的博物館,免費參觀,裡面不能拍攝,所以它的壯觀 & 古典味就需要自己去體會啦. 裡面的展示方式真的和倫敦的自然博物館有得比.
Other than stores and restaurants, there's also a very nice museum in the Kitte - The JP Tower Museum Intermediatheque. The museum is free of charge but you can't take photos of the impressive display in there.The way things are displayed in the museum is an eye-opener. It's just like the Natural History Museum of London but classy in a different way.

Some more info about Kitte and the Museum:

這一區的改造大概是在 2013 年完成的,這整個地方的改造主要是考量災害防護&都市建築功能還有安全及環保評估。

In March 2013, the old Tokyo Central Post Office was reborn as the JP Tower. This large-scale project was undertaken in order to improve the disaster prevention and urban functions to suit the needs of the current times and its location. In addition, it addresses the issues of safety and environmental impact, as well as combining a number of civic functions such as the formation of a good urban landscape, and delivery of information about the city and culture. The new JP Tower is receiving a large number of visitors.

The major feature of this JP Tower is its museum of academic culture, the Intermediatheque, (referred to below as IMT). In planning the IMT, we launched an academic-industry collaborative project with the University of Tokyo, and the University Museum, the University of Tokyo provided us with the very best results of their research.

In addition to exhibits of valuable scientific specimens from the University of Tokyo collection, the IMT hosts workshops and seminars that are open to the general public and widely attended. These are activities that befit its role as a cultural center of the Marunouchi district.