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[ Hong Kong Dine Out] The Tate Dining Room & Bar

restaurant is located near Centarl, in Hong Kong.


其實餐廳離地鐵還要走一段,不過還好有 mid-level 的手扶梯,不然這些爬坡還真會讓人吃不消啊.. 還沒吃就更餓了. 其實 mid-level 一路都超多有特色的餐廳和酒吧,在這邊也是可以看到很多外國人。
The restaurant is a bit of a distance from the MTR Central station. But thanks to the mid-levels escalator. Otherwise all that walking up the hill or the steps with my heels would be a big killer. There are lots of restaurants and pubs/bar here. A lot of foreigners here.


進了餐廳開始點餐!這間餐廳的menu沒什麼選擇,因為它只有整套的(沒有單點) ,而且二選一!夠簡單吧
There's not much you could choose from the menu because it's a fine-dining menu. There are only 2 options: The less $ and the more $ one. 

Trying out the cocktail here. The cocktail on the list is a fusion of the Japanese/Chinese and western cocktail.
The one I ordered was named after a Chinese classic literature. 
這邊的cocktail 也是中日西混搭,我點了個很詩意的 cocktail,梅味還真重啊!
紅樓夢   Chinese  Plum Infused Vodka / Sake / Ume Shu.


IMG_1753 IMG_0205

這間餐廳的座位不多。 There are not many seats in this restaurant. 
第二次上來的麵包不同,是個小方塊的 brioche. The bread that was served to us after the first dish was a small cube of brioche. Pretty cute.


The set comes in a course of many dishes. After the amuse-bouche, it's a series of exquisit dishes.
整套有很多盤不同主題的菜.. 就上菜吧!

" Hiramasa"
Marinated hiramasa / cauliflower puree and powder / almond ice / avocado cream / mustard seed / ponzu gelee. 


" The Sea"
Scallop espuma / taraba crab meat / yuzu gelee / marinated jelly fish / osetra schrencki caviar / rice paper.


"Hokkigai Clam" 
Root vegetable mille feuille / cauliflower black garlic espuma / fresh water clam sauce"


crispy amadai / sweet corn puree / cured salted egg yolk / tempura corn kernels / tomato confit.


Because when we went it was already autumn so we had the autumn menu. The ingredients were mainly of the season. The display also has a very "autumn" feel to it.


"Duck Foie Gras Chawanmushi"
jerusalem artichoke espuma / pan fried matsutake mushroom / chestnut


“Blue Lobster"
blue lobster / kimchi cherry / shiso / beetroot lobster sauce / hazelnut / beetroot puree.

" Rose Bresse Pigeon" 
slow cooked breast of pigeon / filo pastry wrapped fermented mustard green thigh of pigeon / celery root puree / baby artichoke / pigeon jus.

"Kagoshima Beef Tenderloin"kinome sichuan peppercorn paste / onion puree / green asparagus / green pepper / beef jus.


" Caramel" 
Grill pineapple banana sorbet / salty caramel mousse / pumpkin brunoise / dark chocolate / spice cookie. 

"Pollen & Stigma" 
Black currant pate de fruit / lavender mousse / saffron ice cream / berry powder / dacquoise / yogurt meringue.


"Zen  Garden" mignardises. All edible. The sand is sugar.
 禪風甜點. 沙是糖,上面的 "石頭" & "木頭" 當然都是可以吃的甜點。

IMG_0235 IMG_0248

The Tate Dining Room & Bar
A: 59 Elgin Street, Central, Hong Kong.  (MTR Central 中環)